Thursday, December 12, 2013

Welcome to South Florida Al Jazeera America

Dear Al Jazeera America

For the last couple of years I have hoped that it would be possible to watch Al Jazeera America on a regular basis in my part of south Florida.  I have followed you online and friended you on Facebook and follow you on Twitter and thoroughly enjoyed the fact-based, ratings-aren't-important way that you both view and report the news.  Talk about refreshing!

Not long ago the Brighthouse Network brought Al Jazeera America to its Tampa/St. Petersburg/Sarasota market.  I have been doing backflips from excitement ever since.  How enjoyable it is to turn on the television and see fact-based reporting from the Central African Republic, and to learn about the protests in the Ukraine from unbiased reporters and to discover that there has been widespread violent clashes among people of different views in Bangladesh (and its been going on for a month) that no other news outlet seems to want to discuss.  Hardly any of those issues that affect the world community are reported on the major news outlets in the United States.

I am encouraging my friends to seek out Al Jazeera in their areas and market you to them saying that the way you report the news is like Walter Cronkite did and like Huntley and Brinkley did back in the days when the news was about the news and not about glamor and about ratings.

Thank you for being there. Thank you for being honest and thank you for openly and obviously being interested in educating your viewers with facts - not trying to sway them with partisan bickering (and for your information politically I am about as liberal as is humanly possible)

Keep up the great reporting AJA, and welcome to South Florida.  You are appreciated more than you imagine.