Saturday, December 28, 2013

The Ornithologist's Lament

The first day I walked into my dorm room as a freshman at the University of Wisconsin – River Falls (August 1969) I found this poem pinned to the bulletin board above my bed.  I read it once and have never forgotten a word of its eloquence.  It’s reprinted here for your enjoyment. 

The sun was shining brightly and I could hardly wait,
To ponder out my window and gaze at my estate.

A breeze was blowing briskly, it made the flowers sway,
My garden was enchanted on this inspiring day.

My eyes fell upon a little bird with a beautiful yellow bill,
I beckoned him to come and sit upon my sill.

I smiled at him so cheerfully and gave him a crust of bread,
Then quickly closed the window and smashed his fucking head.