Friday, April 30, 2010

The Ornithologist's Lament

On entering my dorm room in Johnson Hall on the University of Wisconsin River Falls campus for the first time in late August 1969, I found a piece of paper still tacked to the message board above my bed. On the piece of paper was a bit of biological poetry called "The Ornithologist's Lament." I read the lament one time and have never forgotten it. It's reprinted here for posterity sake.

The Ornithologists Lament

(by Henry Gibson?????)

The sun was shining brightly and I could hardly wait,
to ponder out my window and gaze at my estate.

The breeze was blowing briskly it made the flowers sway,
my garden was enchanted on this inspiring day.

My eyes fell upon a little bird with a beautiful yellow bill.
I beckoned him to come and sit upon my sill

I smiled at him so cheerfully and gave him a crust of bread,
then quickly closed the window and smashed his fucking head.


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  2. First heard this called "The Lament Of Spring" also back in the middle 60's