Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Bradenton Wins With a One-Hitter Over Jupiter

The incomparable Bradenton Marauders continue their race to the top of the Florida State League and especially the South Division. Going into tonight's game against the Jupiter Hammerheads (aka Jupiter Knukleheads) the Marauders were tied with the Knuckleheads 6-3 But tonight the Marauders beat the Knuckleheads 6-0 so guess who is in the lead of the south Division? And best yet, depending on the outcome of the Clearwater Thresher Sharks double header the Marauders may have the best record in the Florida State League!

Say that its early in the season all you want....that's fine. I never ONCE got to say this last year about the Sarasota Reds....so live with it.

Tonight's game against the Jupiter Knuckleheads (Florida Marlins affiliate) was baseball personified. It was a great game from start to finish - made greater by the Marauders resounding win of course. And this was the first one-hitter I have ever seen in minor league ball.

Our guys continue to impress the hell out of me. I want everyone reading this blog to write down these names......ready????

Tony Sanchez

Jeremy Ferrell

Starling Marte

Quincy Latimore

Remember every one of those names because it is my prediction that by the all-star break I wont have Tony or Jeremy to cheer for because they will be at least in the AA League Altoona (PA) Curve or better yet (and more likely) the Indianapolis Indians in AAA ball. I fully expect to see Tony and Jeremy practicing with the Pirates in spring training 2011. After all Tony was the number 1 draft pick of the Pittsburgh Pirates last year and man does it show. This kid is like greased lightning. Personally my view is that the Marauders are using him as a designated hitter rather than a catcher so they can move him up uninjured and quickly. Not that I want to take anything away from a catcher because I never will but Tony has it all. I'm glad they are keeping him healthy for his ride to the top.

Starling Marte and Quincy Latimore will take a bit more conditioning but they also will likely not be in Bradenton on August 30 when we play our last home game of the season. Altoona - probably. Indianapolis - possibly. If Starling and Quincy aren't that high in 2011 then something is definitely wrong.

The best part of tonight's game - other than our one-hit shut out of course....was being able to get on the case of one of the Jupiter Knuckleheads and get on it hard. The recipient of tonight's heckling - that has earned him the title of "Designated Recipient" for the entire year is Hunter Mense For whatever reason I choose when it comes to heckling I singled out Hunter early. And I was relentlessly on his ass all evening. He never got on base - think it worked?

When Hunter came to bat in the seventh inning I was on him every pitch. First pitch was a swing and miss that was met with "You want pepperoni with that slice?" Hunter never looked back.

The second pitch was a swing and miss. It was greeted with "Your parents have to be embarased by you." Hunter never said a word.

Hunter dug in and waited for the third pitch. When it came it was true and hard and fast and Hunter missed it on a great swing. His swing was met with me picking up my Blackberry, pointing it at Hunter and yelling "Hey Hunter, this call is for you. Its the Rookie League. They want you back!!"

Hunter looked over at me and yelled "FUCK YOU".

Hunter is mine for the rest of the season now. I will follow the Hammerheads relentlessly just to piss him off. Hunter chose the wrong person to say that to. His testicles are mine.

The Now-League-Leading Bradenton Marauders take on the now-hapless Jupiter Hammerheads at 7 PM on Tuesday night April 19. I will be in Section 1, Row 1, Seat 1 pissing off Hunter and the rest of the losers. Wish you could all be there to help me along.

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