Monday, November 30, 2009

Farewell 2009 Hurricane Season

Today marks the end of the disappointing 2009 hurricane season. In a May 21, 2009 news release from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, we were told that "Forecasters say there is a 70 percent chance of having nine to 14 named storms, of which four to seven could become hurricanes, including one to three major hurricanes (Category 3 4 or 5)."

NOAA was correct on the 70 percent chance of nine to 14 named storms because that's what we had this year - nine named storms. They were also correct with the one to three major storms. Unfortunately for the beaches of the United States that sorely need a little less development on them, none of the major storms (and damned few of any storms) did any appreciable damage to anything. Maybe 2010 will be a better season? There's always "next year" to look forward to for the great undeveloper hurricane to come along and liberate the nation's coast.

As I write this just before midnight on the last day of the season a storm in northern Mexico is predicted to move east into the Gulf of Mexico and eventually create some potential havoc on the central and northern Florida coasts. It will be too little too late when it moves through here, but the National Weather Service is saying there is a potential for strong storms with tornadoes and waterspouts. So, Wednesday and Thursday I'll be out on the beach watching for waterspouts - as Buffett suggests in his song "Tryin to Reason With Hurricane Season". The title of that song just happens to be my personalized license plate as well.

And speaking of that great song, here's Jimmy performing it live. Hopefully this will help you deal with the lack of a hurricane season for the next six months - I already know it will help me.

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