Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Not A Good Week If You Detest the State Just West of Wisconsin

For me, native born Wisconsinite who carries at least one gene (and hopefully many more) requiring me to detest the state on the other side of Wisconsin's western border (and whose name I refuse to utter), this has been one tough couple of days.

The bad news started Monday night when Brett Favre, traitorous former quarterback of the incomparable Green Bay Packers slithered into his new purple uniform, and beat the Packers in the stadium where those purple bastards play football. Favre wasn't even nice about it...the game was a rout.

Then to add insult to injury the following night (that would be last night), the baseball team from that same state across the St. Croix River from Wisconsin beat the Detroit Tigers and clinched the American League Central Division title.

These two incidents are bad enough on their own, but when they happen on back to back nights, with both incidents occurring in the same stadium, its simply too much to bear. Slashing my wrists might be the only alternative at this point.

There is a silver lining in all of this however.

First is the very real fact that the baseball team from that state west of the St. Croix River will begin its playoff bid this evening against the New York Yankees. The baseball team will have had zero days of rest compared to three for the Yankees. I'm tempted to support the Yankees in this endeavor but given how badly the Sarasota Reds performed this summer with me in the stands (their record was 11 wins and 39 losses with me watching) I'm afraid that supporting the Yankees might jinx them and ultimately help the baseball team from that state west of Wisconsin. Still I will hope against hope that the Yankees beat the bastards with or without my support.

The other good news is that on November 1, just a day after my birthday, the purple football team from that state on the other side of the St. Croix River will enter Lambeau Field, the most sacred ground in all of Wisconsin. There, the traitorous Favre will be jeered and booed by tens of thousands of Packer fans who would rather see him eviscerated than playing in an enemy football jersey. Maybe with luck someone will bean him with their cheesehead hat.

If recent stories and comments in the Green Bay newspaper are any indication, the traitorous Mr. Favre better hope that Green Bay crushes his purple football team on November 1.