Thursday, October 1, 2009

Frigid Arctic Weather Settles Over Sarasota

Last night was the second night this fall that I have slept with my windows open. The official low temperature in Sarasota last night was 66 degrees F and I felt like I was freezing.

Its right now warmed up to a more livable 76 degrees and the forecast high for this afternoon is marginally pleasant 86.

I noticed yesterday while bicycling that it took me 11 miles of pedalling before I broke into a sweat. Most of this summer it took 11 seconds. It's definitely more dry out there and a hell of a lot cooler. Hopefully it wont cool off much more but that's just wishful thinking.

Right now there is a Gray Catbird making an unbelievable call outside of my lanai, and an Eastern Wood-Pewee just made an appearance in a Brazilian pepper bush. At least the frigid weather is good for driving migrants down from colder places.

I think I may need to break out the wool socks and shirts if this cold nonsense continues.