Saturday, September 5, 2009

White-eyed Vireo Still Singing in September

White-eyed Vireo is a small and inconspicuous bird that nests throughout the southeastern United States and winters here, in Mexico and Central America as well as in the West Indies.

Like most other nesting passerines, White-eyed Vireos become conspicuous by their song in late March and sing persistently through early summer, generally ending their nesting activities in late June. Once they end nesting logic would indicate that they would stop singing.

Not so according to one White-eyed Vireo I heard singing along 17th Avenue near Beneva yesterday, September 4. Although the bird is quite inconspicuous and quite the skulker, their voice is almost impossible to miss. Danny Bystrak once verbalized their voice as sounding like they were saying "chick, pizza-wheel, chick" and if you have an imaginative mind you can hear them say that especially as song clip # 3 here.

This will prove to be another species that will be interesting to keep track of as fall turns into winter. I've never heard a White-eyed Vireo singing this late anywhere else in their range.

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