Saturday, September 5, 2009

Persistently Persistent Parula's

Back in June I posted a little note about my surprise in hearing Northern Parula's still singing despite it being hot as hades and well past what I thought was the end of the nesting season.

At the time I wondered how persistent they would be through the summer heat. Certainly if they had been heard in northern Wisconsin I would have expected the Parula's to be done singing in July. However here in the subtropical habitats of west Florida, 1500 miles from northern Wisconsin, Parula's continued to sing throughout July and into August.

I last recorded a singing male on my bicycle route on August 5. After that I just presumed they were done singing for the year. However yesterday, September 4, I heard a male burst into robust singing as I darted past a patch of scrub vegetation on University Parkway.

Now I'm baffled and I'm starting to wonder if maybe they sing all year long at this lower latitude.


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