Friday, July 24, 2009

I've Got a Beach in My Backyard

Last night as I was returning from the Reds victory in Dunedin I had my satellite radio locked on Radio Margaritaville. About the time I was in the middle of the Sunshine Skyway across the mouth of Tampa Bay I heard this song by Tropical Rock artist of the year Brent Burns come on the air. It seems like the type of tropical rock song appropriate for the sun baked coast of West Florida so I wanted to share it with you. Enjoy!

As the information about the video indicates this was shot at Lulu's Restaurant at Homeport Marina in Gulf Shores Alabama. If you're not familiar with Lulu she is Jimmy Buffett's younger sister who, like her big brother, has carved out a very lucrative niche catering to Parrotheads and those of similar ilk on the beautiful Alabama coast. Next time you're in that part of the world make sure you stop by Lulu's for an ice cold Landshark Lager and a mahi sandwich. Its almost as good as being at a Margaritaville Cafe - almost. And who knows, Brent Burns might be there singing this song.