Thursday, July 9, 2009

Another Reason To Not Fly United Airlines

I used to be a 100,000 mile per year flier on United Airlines. With that status I was almost always upgraded to First Class almost every time I flew them including a complimentary upgrade between San Francisco and Taipei, Taiwan - not once but twice. However somewhere in the airways United Airlines lost its focus. Soon United's concept of customer service became "We let you on the damned plane didn't we?" I last flew United in 1996 on an itinerary from Lima Peru to Miami to Washington National. I will walk or swim before I fly on United again.

This story from NBC Chicago reinforces that my decision 13 years ago was the correct one. Read the story and watch the following video. I hope this guy is successful in raising the traveling public's consciousness regarding this once great airline that has gone completely to hell in recent years.

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