Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Why Wasn't Vern Buchanan "Working For" 10,000 Constituents Last Saturday?

Every two years, our mailboxes are filled with campaign literature from Congressman Vern Buchanan in which he woos us with tales of “listening to” his constituents because he is supposedly “working for” us in Washington DC. His re-election campaign literature makes it seems as if the Congressman turns into Charles Atlas when he steps off the plane at Washington National airport each Tuesday morning before returning to his office on Capitol Hill.

This past Saturday, January 21, more than 10,000 of his constituents marched in solidarity over the Ringling Bridge to protest politically-motivated cuts to women’s health programs, the destruction of the Affordable Care Act, human rights, and many similar issues that destined for dismantling by the incoming Trump Administration and by the Congress.

Despite all of those campaign promises by Vern Buchanan to “listen to” his constituents I didn’t see him anywhere near the Ringling Bridge on Saturday. He certainly wasn’t working for us on Saturday. 

If our Congressman was actually “listening to” his constituents he would have been “working for” us by leading the march over the Ringling Bridge showing his personal solidarity with his constituents. Instead and once again, our supposedly hard working Congressman was nowhere to be seen.

His campaign rhetoric, like the Congressman himself, is hollow. Yet this Congressional District continues to re-elect him every two years. I’ve had enough of not being listened to on issues that are of monumental importance to more than his campaign contributors. When will the rest of his constituents have a similar epiphany?

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