Sunday, October 6, 2013

Another Intrusion of Government in the Lives of the Citizenry

Governor Rick Scott
State Capitol
Tallahassee, Florida

Dear Rick

Yesterday as I was driving north from Miami on Interstate 75 (a highway dripping with socialism because it was built with public funds) I noticed an informational sign (no doubt another example of socialism because it was paid for with public funds) that flashed a message warning people that as of October 1, it is now illegal for law abiding citizens such as myself to write and send text messages while driving their car.  I am writing to ask if there is any chance you can detect a bit of irony in this law that you, as governor, signed into being?

The Republic Party in general and its Tea Bag Anarchy wing in particular rails constantly on the issue of government interfering in the lives of the citizenry.  In fact the Republic Party has made a huge deal out of this topic, to the point of accusing the Democratic Party of foisting laws and rules on the American public that intrude.  Yet you as the leader of the Tea Bag Anarchy wing of the Republic Party in Florida signed legislation passed by the Tea Bag Anarchy dominated state legislature that infringes on the rights of the traveling public to send text messages while driving.

Don’t you find this at least a tad bit ironic, Rick?  After all you don’t want government telling people how to live their lives yet you sign a bill that accomplishes just that!  If this continues pretty soon we will have government telling women how to manage their wombs, government telling people who they can love and in which orifice and we might even have the government telling people that we need more involvement of the church in our personal lives.

Of course these are all things that the Tea Bag Anarchy wing of the Republic Party and the Republic Party itself endorse so I guess these forms of government intrusion in our lives is fine.  But providing health insurance programs to insure all 18 million Floridians and even requiring people to drive certain speeds on the highway, those are unreasonable intrusions on people’s lives.

Now I understand Rick. Thanks for helping make this all clear to me.  I guess we should be happy that the Republic Party is intruding and interfering in people’s lives.  The message is that intrusion is ok if it’s something the Republic Party dreams up.

Craig Faanes

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