Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Government Regulation of Hot Tub Water Temperature

I just sent the following email to our criminal governor, Rick Scott, through the Governor's contact portal

Dear Rick

Sunday night this week I stayed at a Fairfield Inn by Marriott hotel in Orange Park, Clay County.  When I visited the hot tub area I saw a sign that really annoyed me.  It said that the temperature of the water in the hot tub was "regulated according to state code." What?  Why is the State interferring with my use of a hot tub?  Doesn't the state have enough to worry about already?  

When we the people elected the Tea Bag Party to office one of the things we wanted was to get rid of government regulation.  This state law regulating the temperature of the water in a hot tub is one example. Damn it, Rick. If I want to scald myself in a hot tub it should be my business whether I do so or not.  No bureaucrat in Tallahassee should have the right to tell me when if or how I can inflict bodily injury on myself.  Its these sorts of state regulations that we elected you to get rid of and its apparent that you have not.  Why is that?

I want to suggest that you immediately introduce legislation in the Tea Bag dominated legislature to require all hotels in Florida to 1) let them heat their hot tubs to any temperature they want, 2) remove those hideous regulatory signs, and 3) let Floridians and out of state visitors live without government regulation of the hotel industry.  

If we don't stop this sort of liberal regulation nonsense we will soon have to put up with speed limits on the highways and people will have to properly dispose of waste water to keep our water supply safe and we might even have to drive with lights on at night!  At least we can carry concealed weapons in this state and have white adults kill black kids while we stand our ground.  Thank god and the constitution for that. 

But seriously Rick something needs to be done immediately about this ridiculous over-reaching of the government into personal choices!  Whats next?  Are we going to start telling women how they can manage their own body or tell people whom they can love, where, and in which orifice?  

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  1. LOL! Another funny piece by Mr. Wanderlust. Made me smile! Thank you. :)