Thursday, November 8, 2012

Harassment by Hubbard's Marina

This past spring I made the mistake of contacting Hubbard's Marina in Madeira Beach, Florida, regarding their ferry service to an island offshore from Pinellas County, Florida.  It was a simple email asking a simple question.  At no time in the email did I even hint that I wanted Hubbard's Marina to add me to their database or did I ask them (or give my consent to) sending me emails in the future.

Despite that fact the emails began.  Each time I received one I would write back to Hubbards and ask them to remove me from their database because I did not want their emails.  I dont know how many times I clicked the little icon at the bottom of their emails where you can unsubscribe. The emails continued.  A couple weeks ago when I received one I wrote back and not only asked but begged Hubbard's Marina to remove me from their database.   In that email I promised that if I received one one more unwanted email I would contact the Tampa Bay Times in St. Petersburg and ask them to do a story on why Hubbard's Marina persists in harassing people.

This morning I received another email from Hubbard's.  Following is my email to the Tampa Bay Times.  Maybe now they will get the hint.  This post will stay up on my blog until Hubbard's Marina stops harassing me.

Dear Tampa Bay Times

On one occasion this past spring I contacted Hubbard's Marina in Madeira Beach regarding a service they provided. It was a simple email asking for information. At NO TIME did I suggest or even hint to Hubbard's Marina that I ever wanted to hear from them again and at no time did I ever hint that I had authorized them to put my name on a mailing list.

The email advertisements from them began shortly after my initial contact. EACH TIME I have received an email from them I have asked (and more recently begged) Hubbard's Marina to take my name and email address out of their database. Each time the email advertisements continued. To me this is bordering on if not passing harassment. A couple weeks ago I received the latest unwanted advertisement and this time I wrote to the General Manager of Hubbards Marina again begging that the emails cease.

This morning I received the latest unwanted email advertisement. In my email to their general manager a couple weeks ago I said that if they did not stop sending me email advertisements I would pass this information on to the Tampa Bay Times in the hope that you might want to do a story on why a local business refuses to listen to a very uninterested member of the public. Perhaps a story in the Times will get their attention. Perhaps not. Regardless I wanted to pass this information on to you with a request that you consider doing a story on why Hubbard's Marina flatly refuses to listen. Maybe there are other local companies that also participate in harassment activities of people. It might be interesting to find out and to ask them why they behave like they do.

I certainly hope you find this issue newsworthy. I also hope you can get Hubbard's Marina out of my inbox.

Craig Faanes

From: Hubbards Marina
Sent: Thursday, November 8, 2012 9:17 AM
Subject: Fishing News - 11/08/12


Captain's Fishing Report
Around the Pass - The water is clearing up finally after the week of bad weather! Big mackerel are around chasing all the bait they can finally see again, during this past weekend's King of the Beach the winning mackerel was almost six pounds!

The flounder are still in force on the sandy spots around the pass and the grass flats in shore. Also, the snook population seems to be coming back strong!

They are a great catch and release game fish that are stacking up on structure around the pass. They love a nice big live bait presented well while the water is moving.

Nearshore (out to 20nm) The Kingfish and mackerel are still the main attraction of near shore fishing right now. They are everywhere, jumping out of the water even on the bait schools.

The grouper are going to in close all winter, we are regularly getting keeper red grouper on our half day trips drifting across hard rock bottom within state waters.

Gags finally closed unfortunately but they still offer a great fight and are also loaded up inshore on the bigger hard structure. While your bottom fishing though, don't forget about your flat-line!

Offshore - Trolling for big kingfish and blackfin is so popular this time of year, and it is relatively easy to be successful. During this past weekend's King of the Beach kingfish tournament,

They weighed-in a seventy-two pound Wahoo! Also, one fishing team caught and released a big sailfish. Both were caught trolling for a big Kingfish. Amberjack are moving in closer so you don't have to burn all your fuel anymore to get to these reef monsters.

They love wrecks or springs and eat vertical jigs or most any large live bait.

Weather & Marine Forecast

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