Monday, March 8, 2010

Today's Baltimore Orioles Game

It was a sad day today for the Mudville Nine (aka Baltimore Orioles) as they were soundly and resoundingly thrashed by that team from just west of Wisconsin by the convincing score of 5-0. You can read the box score here.

A stunningly familiar pattern is beginning to emerge regarding the Baltimore Orioles. I have seen them play three times since last Thursday, the opening day of spring training games. Of the three games the Orioles have lost all three. Two of those games have been in Ed Smith Stadium in Sarasota.

What is familiar is that this is the same pattern that emerged in 2009 when I was watching the Sarasota Reds play. Eventually, through the 2009 season, the Reds were 11 wins and 39 loses with me in the stands. Five of their wins were in Ed Smith Stadium.

As I rationalized this returning from the game this afternoon I wondered if it was a function of Ed Smith Stadium. Then I realized that maybe it was me AND Ed Smith Stadium. But, they lose when they aren't in Ed Smith Stadium so the only logical conclusion is I'm the cause of their loses. My friend Jon wants me to transfer my bad luck to the New York Yankees and become a Yankees fan. I may just do that.

Wednesday I'm going with friends MJ and Mike to Bradenton to watch Pittsburgh most likely pummel the Orioles that evening. And this Friday I'm back in Ed Smith stadium watching the Florida Marlins and Baltimore. Should the Orioles lose Wednesday and Friday then I'll pretty much know that I am a jinx on the Orioles.