Thursday, January 21, 2010

A Cacaphony of Red-shouldered Hawks

If the amount and volume of squawking and calling and carrying on that is happening outside this morning is any indication, January 21 must be the peak day of the year for Red-shouldered Hawks to be displaying and establishing territories. Whew it's noisy out there this morning!

This Buteo is quite characteristic of lowland hardwood forests in the eastern half of the country from Wisconsin and that state with the purple football team south and east. There is also a small population of them in California.

Here in Florida, Red-shouldered Hawk is by far the most common and widespread hawk nesting in the state.

Probably two weeks have gone by since I noticed the first pairs of Red-shouldered Hawks doing their aerial acrobatics. However yesterday and especially this morning they seem to have put everything in overdrive. Most species of hawks are not very vocal - Red-shouldered Hawk seems to make up for all the others. You can hear its calls at this link. Imagine having heard that call non-stop since sunrise this morning. I hope they get this out of their system soon.

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