Monday, August 10, 2009

Another Sunday and Another Sarasota Reds Loss

Here is the sad tale from yesterday's loss by the Sarasota Reds. It is almost easier to simply say "yesterday's loss" because by now its assumed it will be the Reds.

It was a great game after the disasterous first inning when Fort Myers sent ELEVEN batters to the plate. Things settled down after that but my hapless Reds never regained the lead. Attendance was 160 people. 159 of them sat in the shade while yours truly sat the entire game in the first row directly behind the catchers and home plate where I became parbroiled in the baking sun. Thankfully the beer tap in the concessions area didn't go on strike so I was able to stay hydrated in the 96 degree heat.

To make matters worse after the Reds were thoroughly trounced by Fort Myers we retired to my sister's pool and watched the Seattle Mariners throughly eviscerate the Tampa Bay Rays by 11-2. At least I was in the pool the entire time that debacle was happening.

I've tried every conceivable thing to help the Reds win but nothing helps. They are now 5 wins and 28 losses with me in the stands. As I pondered this yesterday afternoon it dawned on me that if the team I am always rooting for (the Reds) always lose, then maybe the thing to do is to start rooting for whomever the Reds are playing? Surely that must be the answer? I think that now with me having a baseball cap for all but two Florida State League teams (and I'll get those on Tuesday and Wednesday nights) I'm going to start showing up at the stadium wearing the cap of the team the Reds are playing. I'll even cheerlead for the guest team - maybe then the Reds will win?

Of course Jon Andrew has pointed out ever so not gently that "face it, the Reds suck" and that might be contributing also. However I won't know unless I try so tonight I'm going to the game in a Fort Myers Miracle cap. My buddy Chris Cates, the 5'3" second baseman for the Miracle will approve at least.

Tuesday night I'll be in Jackie Robinson field in Daytona watching a Daytona Cubs game and Wednesday night at the Brevard County Manatees game near Cocoa Beach/Titusville. With those two stadiums under my belt I will have seen a game in each of the 11 stadiums occupied by the 12 Florida State League teams.

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