Saturday, June 6, 2009

Take Me Out to the Ball Game

It was "seniors" night at the Sarasota Reds game at Ed Smith Stadium in Sarasota tonight. Although it aggravates the Cheney out of me to be 57 and considered "senior" it is still nice to see a minor league (Sarasota Reds are Class A) game for $2.00. Perhaps when I start showing up for the Early Bird Specials at Denny's I'll have to really worry about getting "old."

Unfortunately for the home team, the Reds sucked with a capital S tonight. They played the Brevard County Manatees, the leaders in their divison of the Florida State League. I wanted to see the game so I could watch a manatee walk on land, run, slide, and pitch.

The final score was Brevard 6 and Sarasota 3. I have yet to see the Reds win a game. Maybe its because I'm sitting in the stands? The game was scoreless until about the fifth inning when the manatees played excellent ball scoring 4 runs in rapid succession and when Sarasota's pitching started to stink. Sarasota has a lot of talent including a second baseman who I've seen make some major-league quality plays. I think if they can ever bring it all together they will kick ass and take names. They just aren't there yet.

One thing in Sarasota's defense was the shabby umpiring by the infield umpire. At one point he called a Sarasota runner out at second base who was clearly safe. I could see that from my seat behind home plate. However its a tradition of baseball to blame the lousy ump's for lousy umpiring.

The Reds are out of town on a road trip until June 13, a week from tonight. I'll hope they get some luck sent their way before they come home - that or I'll just stay out of the stands because I'm starting to feel like I'm jinxing them!

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